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Freezer Box Specials

Freezer Box Specials

Variety Box Special

Market Price
2) 3lb. Frying Chickens, 3lb. Square Cut Rump Roast, 8) Center Cut Pork Chops, 8) Swiss Steaks, 4) Club Steaks, 5lbs. Of Extra Lean Ground Chuck. 25 lbs. total weight / $5.99 lb.

Economy Box Special

Chuck Pot Roast, 4) Pork Steaks, 2) 3lb. Frying Chickens, 3lbs. Of Our Fresh Sausage (Italian, Country or Kielbasa), 8) Swiss Steaks, 2lbs. Beef for Stew, 5lbs. Of Extra Lean Ground Chuck27 lbs. total weight / $5.19 lb. 

Just Steak!

Market Price
3) 1.5lb. Boneless Top Sirloin Steaks, 2) 16oz. Porterhouse Steaks, 2) 16oz. Rib Steaks, 2) 10oz. Delmonico Steaks, 2) 10oz. Strip Steaks. 11 lbs. total weight / $13.69 lb.

BBQ Box Special

Market Price
4) 16oz. T-Bone Steaks, 4) Rib Steaks, 2) Slabs of Saint Louis Style Spare Ribs, 2) 3lb. Frying Chickens, 5lb. Box of our All Beef Patties. 26 lbs. total weight / $7.29 lb.

Pork Variety Box

3lb. Center Cut Boneless Pork Roast, 12) End Cut Pork Chops, 4) Center Cut Chops, 2) Slabs of Saint Louis Style Spare Ribs, 2lbs. Bacon, 4lbs. Of our Fresh Sausage ( Italian, Country or Fresh Kielbasa). 23 lbs. total weight / $5.19 lb.